Church Council

With representatives from all the boards and committees, church officers,  and at-large members, the Church Council is a forum for inter-board communication, collaboration, and coordination. All church members are welcome to attend Council meetings, at 7:00 PM on the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Council Members

  • Amanda Beals (Sunday School & Youth Coordinator)
  • Donna Beals (Church Moderator, Council co-chair)
  • Rob Benson (Pastor)
  • Cindy Fox (Deacons)
  • Scott Hammond (Church Treasurer)
  • Sharon Hobbs (At-large)
  • Nancy Howland (Music)
  • Scott Riddell (At-large, Council co-chair)
  • Al Simons (Church Clerk, Council secretary)
  • Kathe Simons (Deputy Church Clerk)
  • Lindsay Shopland (At-large)
  • Deb Wade (Trustees)