Board of Deacons

The Board of Deacons is responsible for assisting the Minister in maintaining the spiritual life of the members of the congregation. The Board of Deacons consists of twelve members with at least nine Covenant Members. What do the deacons actually do?

Deacons are responsible for hospitality and see that visitors are welcomed into the church. We arrive early, unlock the doors, turn on the lights, fans, and sound system. We see that bulletins are distributed, name tags are available, and Welcome Folders are given to visitors. We take attendance and report it to the Administrative Assistant. We clean up, see that bulletins are recycled, and that song inserts are saved for future use. We help the pastor with all special occasions: weddings and Memorial Services, Holy Week services, and Veteran’s Day. We prepare and distribute Communion. And, yes, we organize Coffee Hour.

And then there are things the Board of Deacons does that you might not notice. We determine the time and place of worship services and consult with the pastor on decisions to suspend services, and what a winter 2014-2015 was for making those decisions! We work with the Church Historian and the Administrative Assistant to review the church rolls, make updates and correct mistakes. We work with the pastor to determine the time and details related to the church’s sacraments, Baptism, and Communion. We assist with planning for Confirmation classes.

If you read the the By-Laws (you can find them posted on this website) you will notice on page six that the Deacons have five major responsibilities. I have touched on four of them. The task listed first in the By-Laws (A) is this: “The Board shall cooperate with the pastor in ministering to the spiritual needs of the church and community.” Much of our time is spent trying to find ways to do this holy work. Bible Study, the Lenten Soup Dinners are ways we have tried in the past to provide time for study and reflection. But perhaps you have ideas, new ways to provide for spiritual needs. Soon we will be asking you to join us for a Deacon’s meeting and to share your ideas with us. And perhaps you have considered being a Deacon. Yes, the meetings are sometimes long (each month on the third Tuesday at 6PM), but the rewards are great.

Here is an example:

In December we decided to try something new, a Hanging of the Greens, an intergenerational gathering to share Christmas music while we decorated the church for the first Sunday in Advent. We had a meal then all worked to make stars for the church’s Christmas tree. It was fun to see the children being lifted up to place the stars while others played musical instruments. Then we all sat in the front pews, turned the tree lights on and the church lights out. Robin began to play carols. Hands were raised requesting favorites, we sang and sang and shared together the coming of Advent.

If you would like to be a Deacon, contact the Nominating Committee or speak to any Deacon listed below. If you are in the choir, ask Doug, Debby, or Amy how they serve as Deacon while in the choir.

Board of Deacon Members

  • Debby Hammond
  • Amy Riddell
  • Doug Lee
  • Jane Sanderson
  • Jan Varnum
  • Betty Bryer