We worship through Word, and Sacrament; through song, prayer, Scripture, sermons & conversation, silence, Communion, Baptism, laughter, tears …

For over two thousand years, in spite of near-constant change and in the context of many different cultures, the practice of Christian worship has been the central act of a community of faith becoming knit together, by the grace of God, into the body of Christ.  It is our living into the freedom of forgiveness and the hope of redemption; it is our seeking the presence of the sacred and releasing the burden of our fallability; it is our accepting both the joy and the cost of following Jesus the Christ, who calls us by name and sends us out into the world to share the good news of God’s great love.  Worship is opening ourselves to the transforming presence of God, sharing the joys and burdens of earthly life, and practicing God’s love in the struggles and delights of community, with an appreciation for the many traditions represented in our congregation.

That’s a little of what it’s about: as for what it’s like, come and see!

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