2018 OSG Documents

View the current by-laws with proposed changes marked up in them here: Marked By-laws
View the proposed updated version of the by-laws here: Updated By-laws

Organizational Plan Summary:
The new organizational structure centers on “The Leadership Council (TLC)”. The Leadership Council focuses on the big picture of the BHCC’s mission as in:
 setting priorities
 overseeing activities
 satisfying general responsibilities, including fiduciary (financial, legal and real property)
It is composed of Officers plus other church members who are elected by, and accountable to, the church membership. Of course, the Pastor is a member of the Leadership Council, too. TLC paints the big picture.

The day-by-day work of the church gets done by Ministry Teams. Ministry Teams will carry our specific, focused activities with limited time commitments. These could include:
 stewardship campaigns
 outreach activities like Thanksgiving Baskets
 the planning of special worship services
Many Ministry Teams will be commissioned by the Leadership Council itself. Other Ministry Teams may be formed by church members outside TLC, who then request TLC’s endorsement and oversight to make it an official church program.

Populating the Ministry Teams will happen a few times each year at ministry fairs. These will be events in which church members sign up for the Ministry Teams of their choice. When a given project is completed, that particular team can dissolve. This way, volunteers more clearly hear a call to join a ministry team that appeals to their time and talents, while not being burdened by lengthy commitments.

The Leadership Council will provide advice, resources and historical know-how to Ministry Teams. Ministry Teams will check in with TLC members to provide updates on progress. In this way, TLC serves as a central communication point for all church activities.

In keeping with our current tradition, Officers and other TLC members will be elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting. Candidates for these positions will be nominated by a Leadership Discernment Team. The Leadership Discernment Team will be similar to our current Nominating Committee. Members of this team will be elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting. This arrangement provides a system of checks-and-balances.

TLC will be composed of 12 members plus the Pastor. The Leadership Discernment Team will have 3. To provide continuity in these groups from one year to the next, half of the elected positions for the very first year will have a term of only 1 year. The other half will be 2 year positions. Thereafter, all terms will be for 2 years. This will stagger the addition of new members to TLC and the Leadership Discernment Team.

Getting from Here to There:

How do we transition from our current organization to this new structure? Members of our current boards and committees will be asked to extend their terms until Easter of next year. Meanwhile, the current Nominating Committee will seek out candidates for new Officers, additional TLC members and a Leadership Discernment Team. Newly elected TLC members will work with old boards and committees to learn about their crucial responsibilities and set priorities for church activities. If you would like to be added to the slate of the Leadership Council nominees, please contact Debby Hammond, Karen McFarland or Pastor Rob.